Addiction Definition

Addiction Definition – Addictionz from A- Z

Addiction Definition

What is addiction?

Addiction is, by it’s very nature, a wily opponent. Ask any compulsive gambler, an adrenalin addict –  whose addictive chemicals are entirely self produced –  if they wanted to lose the ‘entire farm’ to get their high from gambling. The answer will typically be a very sad no.

Addiction Definition : the need to continue to use a substance, action or behavior after it is no longer useful or effective.

The body will do some very tricky things to get the chemicals it craves, including rearranging thought and emotional processes.

  • Hence an anxiety attack can sometimes be ‘conjured up’ by the body to gain access to the drug dosage from both the self produced drug adrenalin and the prescribed medication, alcohol or street drug.
  • Since effects of a conjured up anxiety attack are exactly the same effects as an authentic one, the difference between the two is not important.

The drugs are the same in either instance and the withdrawal cycle repeats itself by enabling more anxiety symptoms.

Simply recognizing the possibility of the above statements sheds an entirely new light on the concept of addiction.

  • Is it entirely symptomatic? Definitely not!

But the recovery process is definitely confused and hampered by the roadblocks that the addiction and withdrawal cycles introduce to the equation. Especially since they are very often unnoticed.

Drugs and medications, by necessity, are very powerful, addictive substances. Unfounded anxiety is a direct result of all drug addiction cycles and a major proponent of addiction and codependency symptoms.



 Who are the Players?

The cycle of Addiction and Codependency with alcoholics or any other type of addict requires three main people/groups of people:

  1. The Enablers:
    •  those who allow /excuse/ finance/ bailout the alcoholic/addict.
  2. The Persecutors:
    • those who stir up the pot in order to put the alcoholic/addict on the defense and look for a way out of the pain.
  3. The Victims:
    •  those who wallow in the excuse that someone is abusing/picking on/insulting/not recognizing their good qualities.

In the normal cycle of addicted relationships the enablers, the persecutors and the victims occupy all these roles at various times and to varying degrees – the fact that all persons switch roles makes it very difficult to assess anything until a crisis occurs.


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  1. Hey Jenna! I love your topic and respect that you want to couitrbnte in helping out people with addiction with all the research that you have gathered. I had an idea for you that you might already have found by researching this issue: You could talk about how a lot of people do not understand that addiction is an illness and not just a problem. Also, I know that those al a teen meetings are, I believe, new this year to the high school, maybe you can help out in one of those meetings so you can get ideas in how to help our community with addiction. Keep up the good work -Alexa

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