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Addiction Intervention Family Members Info

Addiction Intervention

Family Members Info

Every addict is said to strongly affect at least 10 people. If you are an affected person you will often feel like you have no where to turn.

An addiction intervention is a project where family members, friends, employers or other concerned individuals are educated about the specific addiction that their particular addict is involved with.

An effective intervention educates the family and concerned others as to what roles they play in the addiction process and how the addicted person needs their participation for his/her active addiction to continue.

  •  Enablers – allow the Addiction to Carry On

    •  Family Members often unknowingly contribute to the addiction by enabling the addict by paying bills, providing food and shelter and excusing or overlooking the addicts behaviors.
    •  Employers often contribute by accepting unacceptable behavior
    •  Friends also enable the addict by lending money, food, shelter

Family members, friends, employers and involved professionals also need to learn about how the victim role is necessary to the addiction cycle.

  •  Victims – will prolong the Addiction Process

    •  Every Addict plays the victim very convincingly.
    •  Various family members, friends, employers and professionals feel and act like they are victims too.
    •  In order to arrest the addiction the involved people need to stop feeling and acting like victims.

Family members, friends, employers, and involved professionals need to learn about how they prolong the addiction cycle by taking turns acting as persecutors.

  •  Persecutors – will prolong the Addiction Cycle

    •  Every addict needs at least one persecutor to blame things on.
    •  Various family members, friends think they can somehow convince the addict to come to his/her senses by yelling, screaming, pleading or threatening. They become the persecutors.
    •  The addict also plays the persecutor a lot

Both the addict, the enablers, the persecutors and the victims occupy all these roles at various times and to varying degrees – the fact that all persons switch roles is why this is called an Addiction Cycle.

A good intervention will have a lot of time spent with educating each family member, friend, employer and involved professional as to how they fit these roles and how to stop themselves from falling into them.

Interventions are not for the purpose of venting, shaming or blaming. Rather they will show each person how they fit into the cycle and how to arrest their own behaviors.

Only when everyone knows the roles that they play will the addiction cycle stop.

Buy the Al-Anon Pamphlet “Alcoholism A Merry Go Round of Denial” to Pass out to family Members prior to an intervention attempt – or Read the Pamphlet online here



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