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Codependency quiz

Codependency Quiz 20 Questions Codependents

Codependency Quiz

20 Questions for Codependents is a tool to assist individuals and helping professionals to give their clients a  very quick codependency quiz.


A Self Assessment Codependency Test

Feel free to answer these questions.


1. Did you ever lose time from work due to your relationship with an addicted person? Yes No
2. Have your relationships ever made your life unhappy? Yes No
3. Have your relationships affected your reputation? Yes No
4. Have you every felt remorse after manipulating a situation? Yes No
5. Did you ever control situations to get money to pay debts household bills or otherwise solve financial difficulties that belong to someone else? Yes No
6. Has your involvement in a relationship caused a decrease in your ambition or efficiency? Yes No
7. After a fight or disagreement, did you feel you must get even? Yes No
8. After winning an argument, did you have a strong urge to restate your point? Yes No
9. Did you often stay in a relationship until your last hope was gone? Yes No
10. Did you ever borrow money to finance another person’s addiction or associated crisis? Yes No
11. Have you ever sold anything to finance another person’s addiction or associated crisis? Yes No
12. Were you reluctant to purchase necessary items because it may cause a disagreement? Yes No
13. Did your relationships make you care less of the welfare of yourself and your family? Yes No
14. Did you ever stay in a degrading or dangerous situation longer than you planned? Yes No
15. Have you ever dragged old hurts into discussions about current items? Yes No
16. Have you ever committed, or considered committing, and illegal act to finance someone’s addiction? Yes No
17. Did your relationships cause you to have difficulty in sleeping? Yes No
18. Do arguments, disappointments or frustrations create within you an urge to change someone else? Yes No
19. Did you ever have an idea that if loved ones would only see things your way, life would be much better? Yes No
20. Have you ever considered self-destruction as a result of your reactions or relationships? Yes No


Answering yes to five or more of these questions is an indication that codependency has become a problem in your life


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