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AddictionZ | Helping Good Folks Recover
Addiction Recovery Is like Putting the pieces back Together

Addiction Recovery is Possible – AddictionZ

Addiction Recovery is Possible

Working on a non-payment basis with recovering addicts of all types for the last 30 years has been a very rewarding experience.

It is tremendously gratifying on so many levels to watch a dejected, lost soul emerge from their drugged cocoon and morph spiritually into a productive member of society capable of living within a renewed belief system.

Primary Addictions May Include:

  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Gambling
  • Sex
  • Work
  • Emotions

A few Common Secondary Issues

  • compulsive liar
  • compulsive disorder
  • compulsive eating disorder
  • compulsive mutilation
  • compulsive shopping
  • compulsive gambling
  • compulsive hoarding
  • compulsive gaming

 What type of Addiction Recovery is Best

We find the best recovery is where all the concerned are on the same page with method and time frame..

    • Addict
    • Doctor
    • Addictions Counselor
    • Family Members
    • Friends
    • Employer
    • 12 step Sponsor

Organize a list of the above participants to get a great recovery underway!

These addiction recovery  folks, if they tend to their recovery properly and continue to put good things into their lives, will eventually even be able to be spiritually present in relationships as well..

Often their addictions started when they were very young, so much maturing will be necessary. The process is uphill  though slow – can be very gratifying.

It is not uncommon to see recovering addicts acting very immaturely even though they are not using - in fact expect this!

This site is meant to give assistance and hope to folks who have been encountering roadblocks in their recovery.

The Dean of Addictionz

Working the Solution with Multiple and Addicts of all types

  • 36 Years Personal Recovery Experience in several Self Help Programs
  • Addiction Recovery Outreach Trustee, NW Region Webmaster, Newsletter Editor and contributor for various Recovery Associations Publications
  • Published in several major recovery publications:  AA Grapevine, Al-Anon Forum, Overeaters Anonymous “Voices of Recovery” and “Lifeline”, Gamblers Anonymous “Bulletin” &”Toastmaster” Magazine 
  • This website is featured in Melody Beattie’s current “Codependent no More Workbook”
  • Over 45 years successful contracting business experience working with over 2000 employees and Penitentiary halfway house temporary staff.
  • Sponsoring many recovering multiple addicts with long term good results
  • Recovery weekend workshop leader in Western Canada & US Pacific NW
  • Author “You Can’t Unscrew Somebody Workbook” for relationship makeovers
  • Author “Sex Inventory Workbook” for sex issues
  • Author “Drunk Driving Workbook”  for safety
  • Author “Breaking The Cycle of Gambling Addiction” arrest the money drain!
  • Author “Breaking the Cycle of Compulsive Overeating” get healthy!

Here is a thought!
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Please leave your comments below, and I will be sure to answer them. If you want one of the publications but truly cannot afford it leave a comment with your email address and I’ll send you a free one…

This website is about recovery – not making money – but it wouldn’t hurt to pay a few web hosting charges if you  decided to visit one of the sponsors ads… I have kept outside ads to a minumum so its not so frustrating to read. Hate those pages with an ad between every paragraph.

Have a great One Day at a Time! Dean 🙂

14 thoughts on “Addiction Recovery is Possible – AddictionZ”

  1. Hi, I’m going through the twelve steps for the second time at first I thought I was just independent and I’m working the independent no more book I also attend counseling weekly but I live a double life I am a sex addict and I don’t work because my doctor put me off work due to mental illness but I’m not receiving any benefits at this time I really think your sex addiction workbook could help me break the yoke as I am giving this to God and I need all the help I can get. I appreciate your time and consideration in advance! There’s so much more I could say but I’m humiliated by my double life please help!

  2. Although the Dennis and Scott article is quite dfciifult to refute, it is also important to remember that chronic does not necessarily mean biological. I agree with the article’s thesis arguing for the chronic nature of SUD’s, and they even have empirical data suggesting that a physiological basis underlies the clinical experience of SUD chronicity (Dennis, 46). However, the Weegmann article offers compelling evidence that cannot be discounted either. In discussing group therapy, the Weegmann article suggests that pain relief and pain induction are both attempts to regulate psychological suffering (Weegmann, 4). Although that evidence in no way suggests that SUD’s are not chronic, it serves as a good reminder that even if the issue is physiological, it is not reducible to physiology in a deterministic way. I think that as a therapist, it is of the upmost importance to acknowledge the chronicity of addictions, but it is as important not to forget our cognitive plasticity and malleability. Acknowledging that fundamental distinction can shape, or even change the course of treatment. In doing so, treatment can cast a wider net and be more effective.

  3. Here I am at 62, reading Melody Beattie’s workbook “Codependent No More”, and thus learned about your website. My interest was piqued because her reference indicated that your site chronicles the many slogans that one hears as a member of any of the 12 Step programs modeled after the original AA program established by Dr. Bob S. and Bill W. My reading of Ms Beattie’s book was prompted by a series of tragic family events, my husband dying, his youngest son taking his life, and culminating in my oldest Step Son losing his license, his livelihood and his marriage. He did end up in a treatment facility, and contacted me to ask if I would be part of his support system when he returned back to my town, leaving his family behind. It has been many years since I was an AlAnon member, and many years since I have had an addict in my personal life. But I haven’t forgotten the lifeline of support that got me through some very dark times. And as my Step Son spoke about his plan to go to AA I found slogans rolling off my tongue, and the Serenity Prayer surged up from within. Alcoholism is indeed a “cunning baffling” disease, and I know that I must fortify myself in preparation for being part of this young man’s support network. It is wonderful to find that the resources have expanded and become much more accessible since those days in the 1980’s when I first became acquainted with the 12 Step program that helped me to find sanity after so much turmoil and confusion with my first husband through the ravages of his alcoholism. Thank you for creating this site. I look forward to mining it for inspiring quotes. Kath B.

  4. I’ve been compulsively gaming all my life, its gotten to the next level recently playing till the sun comes up and its awesome that this site acknowledges thanks for keeping the site up I’m reading the codependent no more workbook and they referred this site and said to drop a comment, keep up the good work.

  5. Also codependent on my parents right now financially if you have any good references I’ve been studying to create my own businesses so I’m working towards learning to build my life I’m 28 currently, saw the other comment and it inspired me to share more.


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  7. Hi, I’m going through the twelve steps for the second time at first I thought I was just independent and I’m working the independent no more book I also attend counseling weekly but I live a double life I am a sex addict and I don’t work because my doctor put me off work

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