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God Quotes for Recovering Addicts | AddictionZ
God Quotes White Roses

God Quotes for Recovering Addicts

God Quotes and Quips

God quotes lists this as a common acronym in recovery circles where many folks have spent most of their lives in extremes of one sort or another.

Here are a few God quotes often heard around recovery circles:

  • If you are focused on yourself, you become your own God.
  • If you focus on your problems, feelings or fears –  they become your God.
  • If you focus on possessions, relationships or status they become your God.

God Quotes – Issues for Addicts

  • Many addicts feel they have failed their religion or their God.
  • Many feel ‘their’ God has failed them.
  • Many addicts feel they are ‘too far gone’ to experience any sort of forgiveness or lost the ability to measure up.
  • The common religious idea of an eternal life or afterlife is terrifying to many addicts who typically wish for death on an hourly or daily basis.

Higher Powers

In 12 step circles, Higher Powers are viewed as anything that a recovering individual chooses to believe in.

Many addicts have lived a life they are not proud of, so the idea of a higher power from their religious past is way beyond their reach, at least until they have worked through their issues and made their amends.

The Higher Power that many recovering addicts choose initially is the support of their 12 step group. The 12 Step Group is a safe place for them to lick their wounds, go through their withdrawal process and heal up a bit.

Once a new recovering addict has healed up a bit physically, they usually turn to sharing their convoluted feelings  with a sponsor or another recovery member they seem to trust to accomplish some emotional and spiritual healing.

Special Note: The sharing is usually most effective if it is accomplished between members of a neutral sex as emotions and vulnerabilities run high during these initial recovery periods and ineffective romances tend to bloom from the sharing.

After the physical and emotional healing has taken its course – there is not really any set time for this – members often look to better define their Higher Powers. In some cases the concept changes from their early days of recovery and sometimes not.

In any case, all successful recovering 12 step members believe in some sort of power greater than themselves. And if it works – Great! They are much better off clean and sober than ruining lives in their addictions.

Communicating with God

Communicating with God in some productive way is a great asset for folks who are recovering from various compulsions and addictions.

Note: This site exists to assist people with addictions to recover and this page exists to assist these folks to begin to find and communicate with a more functional God than some form of unreliable chemical. It does not attempt express a religious affiliation. We realize we know only a little.

According to ” There are over six billion people in this world and each person has his or her own thoughts about God.”

Communicating with God Effectively

  • According to Wikipedia “Communication is a process that allows organisms to exchange information by several methods. Communication requires that all parties understand a common language that is exchanged. There are auditory means, such as speaking or singing, and nonverbal, physical means, such as body language, sign language, paralanguage, touch, eye contact, or the use of writing.”
  • God Quotes – Communicating with God effectively for recovering addicts can be accomplished in many ways.
    • Searching out and appreciating the good things in your life is a great place to start. Write a list of 5 things that you like about your life.
    • If you are in a recovery program, participating in your recovery program meetings is also a way to start communicating with God.
      • Setting up chairs for the meeting will ensure that a new person looking for help can find a place to sit
      • communicate your willingness to help others using body language.
      • Sharing by speaking positively about your experiences, strengths and hopes (no matter how small they may be) with fellow recovering addicts will assist others to find hope which is one of the true essences of life.
      • Cleaning up after the meeting shows others that someone cares enough about them to do the little necessities.
    • Being available to be of service to others is highly communicative of all the good things that God seems to stand for in any belief or culture.
  • As communicating is a two-way street it stands to reason that you will be waiting for God’s answers to your outgoing communications.
    • As in the illustration above about the recovery meeting the answers may be surprisingly quick to your positive actions. People will come and sit in the chairs you set up,
    • they will listen to you better when you speak truthfully and positively – maybe even ask you to become their mentor or sponsor – they will come to depend on your help at the end of the meeting to assist with the cleanup.

There are many ways of communicating with God but for recovering addicts the simpler the communication is kept the better the results. An attitude of service to others is a highly spiritual state to achieve and is openly and freely available to anyone.

Although it appears to be the current fad to mistake a higher power with religion, don’t fall prey to this idea. – just use “a sense of fair play” as your Higher Power… Or borrow my Higher Power who works very well!



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